Macaron Class by Chef Nation

This post has been postponed for 2 months,but better late than never.. right? 🙂

Macaron class by Chef Nation was lead by Chef @odiedjamil – famous macaron chef in Jakarta and Chef @Saura_237. I adore her lemon pie, almond pound cake with lemon frosting etc…

The class was start without me, since I was came very late (20 minutes late) and no wonder they need to start on time. because Macaron need a quite long time to finished – especially with the humidity of Jakarta. Ok, this is the step by step…. hopefully I didn’t missed anything:

First, we prepare the almond and icing until mix well. You will see the color is well blend… Then put half of white eggs to almond and sugar, again mix well (clue: no shiny part as below). If you want to color your macaron, put the color paste at this step.

For meringue method: we beat the white eggs with low speed until half stiff. Meanwhile boil sugar & water up to 118C. Slowly, pour to white eggs and beat until stiff.–> just found out that this method called as italian meringue method. And this method is used by Pierre Herme… oowww

left - a failed meringue.

Divided three.. put one part at the time to almond, mix. Be careful to not over mix.

Fill a pastry bag/plastic with batter, pipe out around 4cm macaron with space 2 cm each on baking sheets lined with parchment paper. Let macaron sheet for at least 2 hour in AC room – or until dry. Jakarta is very humid, so you have to put the baking sheet in cool room or it won’t dry.  At this step, we left our macaron and have a lunch break…. 😉

Baked macaron for 12 minutes in 180C heat. I almost had my tears when I see the “legs’ came out….. finally I can bake a perfect macaron hahahahaaha

Finally my macaron got legs 😀 so happy!!

Thank you @chefnation – Odie and Saura, it’s a fun class and both of you really shows your passion in baking…. envy!!  Now, let’s practice.. practice!!

Macaron Class by Chef Nation

One thought on “Macaron Class by Chef Nation

  1. Ameliahart says:

    Hi i stumbled upon your blog trying to search up macaron recipes. Your macarons look beautiful! Honestly, the best macarons I have ever had are from Manon, a shop in Kelapa Gading. (Unfortunately I dont live close to Kelapa Gading ;( ) but you can follow them on twitter here: @ManonLovers

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