HB01: Carrot cake


1st project from hummingbird recipe book

Why carrot cake? it’s simply because i never try to bake a carrot *_*
In this post, i am going to share some tips that i think are keys to make this cake succesful… feel moist and richer:
Anyway, like i mention in the beginning, i wont dhare the recipe but some tips about this recipe
1. Do not over beat the flour with egg, just until it mix well
2. U can subtitute sunflower oil with corn or canola oil. Next am going to try zaitun oil, anyone have try it?
3. Divide the dough in 2 or 3 pan if u want to make a layer cake, it easier
4. I use 250gr palm sugar, and this works fine by me
5. U can always subtitute walnut with other such as almond, mete etc
6. I add another 10 minutes to bake

I think that’s all i can share… happy baking!

HB01: Carrot cake

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